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37 SKINCARE Non-Stock Items 800.394.0019 • Hand Soap Systems Hand Soap SyStemS A. DEB ® USA PROLINE ® CURVE SkINCARE SyStEmS Wall mount, push button dispensers. Fast and easy cartridge change outs. Collapsing cartridge empties completely, which saves you money. Designed to perform in high-traffic, high-usage areas. Tamper resistant lock and casing. ADA compliant. Proline ® Curve 1000 ItEm # DESCRIPtION SIZE Qty/UNIt 844164 Dispenser, Black 1 L 1/EA 903307 Dispenser, White 1 L 15/CS 57250deB Refill, Refresh AnitBAC Foaming Soap 1 L 6/CS 57220deB Refill, Refresh Azure Foaming Soap 1 L 8/CS 868082 Refill, Refresh Rose Foaming Soap 1 L 8/CS Proline ® Curve 2000 ItEm # DESCRIPtION SIZE Qty/UNIt 97128 Dispenser, Black 2 L 8/CS 350223 Refill, Refresh Azure Foaming Soap 2 L 4/CS 541793 Refill, Refresh Clear Foaming Soap 2 L 4/CS B. DEB ® USA tOUCH-FREE SkINCARE SyStEm Compact designed, power efficient touch-free dispensing system for use with DEB ® foaming hand hygiene products. ItEm # DESCRIPtION SIZE Qty/UNIt 444886 Dispenser, Black w/Chrome 1.2 L 1/EA 443723 Dispenser, White 1.2 L 1/EA 873916 Refill, Refresh Azure Foam Soap 1.2 L 3/CS C. GOJO ® ADX™ FOAm SOAP SkINCARE SyStEm Large sight window, skylight and crystal clear refill bottles make it easy to check fill status. Converts to a locking dispenser at any time by simply removing the key from inside the dispenser. ADA compliant for protrusion into walkways. Lifetime guarantee. ItEm # DESCRIPtION SIZE Qty/UNIt 444145 ADX-7™ Dispenser, Gray/White 700 mL 6/CS 202431 ADX-12™ Dispenser, Brushed Chrome/Black 1250 mL 6/CS 725298 Refill, Botanical Foam Handwash 1250 mL 3/CS D. GOJO ® FmX-12™ FOAm SOAP SkINCARE SyStEm Great for locations where a smaller, traditional-sized dispenser is preferred. Delivers more than 1700 hand washes. Features skylight with an extra-large site window. ADA compliant, one hand push operation. Optional key lock included. ItEm # DESCRIPtION SIZE Qty/UNIt 5150-06 Dispenser, Dove Gray 1250 mL 6/CS 5155-06 Dispenser, Black 1250 mL 6/CS 167236 Refill, Green Certified Foam Hand Cleaner 1250 mL 3/CS 5163-03 Refill, Green Certified Foam Hand, Hair & Body Wash 1250 mL 3/CS 5161-03 Refill, Luxury Foam Handwash 1250 mL 3/CS 5162-03 Refill, Luxury Foam Antibacterial Handwash 1250 mL 3/CS E. GOJO ® LtX-7™ SkINCARE SyStEm Compact dispenser is ideal for tight spaces. Lifetime Performance Guarantee; including batteries. Controlled collapse refills hold their shape as they empty for a more attractive appearance. Removable pump makes recycling easy. Sanitary Sealed™ refills made of durable, recyclable PET material, using 30% less plastic than rigid HDPE bottles. Fully ADA compliant. ItEm # DESCRIPtION SIZE Qty/UNIt 575975 Dispenser, White/White 700 mL 4/CS 133481 Refill, Clear & Mild Foam Handwash 700 mL 3/CS A. B. C. D. E.

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