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111 SAFETY Non-Stock Items 800.394.0019 • Disposable Gloves DISPOSABLE GLOVES A. LATEX DISPOSABLE GLOVES Rolled cuff, non-medical latex gloves. Meets FFDCA requirements for food contact (for safe food handling). Ambidextrous. Snug, secure fit. Chemical resistant. 5 MIL. ITEM # DESCRIPTION QTY/UNIT LATEXSMALL Powdered, Small 100/BX 164939 Powdered, Medium 100/BX 164938 Powdered, Large 100/BX LATEXXLARGE Powdered, X-Large 100/BX PFLATEXSM Powder-Free, Small 100/BX PFLATEXMED Powder-Free, Medium 100/BX PFLATEXLG Powder-Free, Large 100/BX PFLATEXXL Powder-Free, X-Large 100/BX B. PREMIUM MEDICAL GRADE LATEX GLOVES Made with 100% natural latex. Meets FDA 510K Standards for examination gloves used in medical applications. These medical grade examination gloves also meet the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act which allows repeated use in direct contact with food. Powder-free. 5.5 MIL. ITEM # DESCRIPTION QTY/UNIT 546892 Large 100/BX 571360 X-Large 100/BX C. SYNTHETIC VINYL GLOVES Powder-free, synthetic, non-medical latex free stretch vinyl gloves. 5 MIL. ITEM # DESCRIPTION QTY/UNIT 867432 Small 100/BX 352874 Medium 100/BX 102578 Large 100/BX 458730 X-Large 100/BX D. VINYL DISPOSABLE GLOVES Rolled cuff. Made with USDA approved materials for safe food handling. Ambidextrous. 4 MIL. ITEM # DESCRIPTION QTY/UNIT 164975 Lightly Powdered, Medium 100/BX 164973 Lightly Powdered, Large 100/BX VINYLXLARGE Lightly Powdered, X-Large 100/BX PFVINYLSMALL Powder-Free, Small 100/BX PFVINYLMED Powder-Free, Medium 100/BX PFVINYLLARGE Powder-Free, Large 100/BX PFVINYLXLARGE Powder-Free, X-Large 100/BX E. VINYL DISPOSABLE EXAM GLOVES Rolled cuff exam gloves. Meets FDA requirements. Certified 510K. Snug, secure fit. Ambidextrous. Powder-free. 5 MIL. ITEM # DESCRIPTION QTY/UNIT 556182 Large 100/BX F. DISPOSABLE NITRILE GLOVES Non-medical powder-free, synthetic blend of vinyl and nitrile resin. 5 MIL. ITEM # DESCRIPTION QTY/UNIT 298431 Small 100/BX 789761 Medium 100/BX 058712 Large 100/BX 658723 X-Large 100/BX A. B. C. D. E. F.

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