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107 STONE CARE Non-Stock Items 800.394.0019 • Concrete, Tile & Stone Care CONCRETE CARE A. DAYCON ® ACAGC ACIDIC CONCRETE & GROUT CLEANER An acidic concrete and grout cleaner with a pH of less than one, but is exceptionally safe. Removes lime, rust, greases and grime and dissolves calcium carbonate buildups. ITEM # DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY/UNIT 581798 Liquid, Concentrate, 1:10 to 1:15 1 gal. 4/CS B. DAYCON ® OPTIMUM SHIELD CONCRETE HARDENER, SEALER & FINISH A high solids, high gloss, colorless, water-based permanent seal and finish that hardens and densifies concrete floors and other calcium containing stone substrates. ITEM # DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY/UNIT 951802 Liquid, RTU 1 gal. 4/CS 951803 Liquid, RTU 5 gal. 1/EA C. DAYCON ® SUPREME SHIELD CONCRETE & STONE PROTECTANT A stone and concrete protectant that penetrates a wide variety of mineral substrates to give excellent water and stain repellency to mineral substrates. ITEM # DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY/UNIT 648520 Liquid, RTU 1 gal. 4/CS D. DAYCON ® HYDRO SHIELD STONE & CONCRETE PROTECTANT Penetrates a wide variety of mineral substrates to provide excellent water and stain repellency. Specially designed for outdoor stone and concrete such as monuments, buildings, bridges, concrete fixtures, etc. May be used indoors or outdoors. Outdoor use will reduce cracking, spalling, freeze/thaw damage, biological growth, efflorescence, dirt pick-up and attack from moist salt air. ITEM # DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY/UNIT 987205 Liquid, RTU 1 gal. 4/CS TILE & STONE CARE E. DAYCON ® SUNBRITE HIGH GLOSS SEAL & FLOOR FINISH An ultra-durable, high gloss seal and finish for all types of stone and tile floors. Resists scuffs, scratches, heel marks and wear. ITEM # DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY/UNIT 905010 Liquid, RTU 1 gal. 4/CS SUNBR5GAL Liquid, RTU 5 gal. 1/EA F. 3M™ SCOTCHGARD™ STONE FLOOR PROTECTOR Hardener and protector for concrete, marble, terrazzo and other porous flooring. ITEM # DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY/UNIT 219493 Liquid, RTU 3.8 L 2/CS G. VMC AW70 GROUT CLEANER Ideal for granite, ceramic, porcelain, quarry tile and brick. ITEM # DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY/UNIT 586959 Liquid, Concentrate 1 gal. 4/CS H. VMC 30 CLEANER & CONDITIONER Formulated for the deep cleaning and neutralizing of marble and other natural and man-made stone surfaces with no streaking. ITEM # DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY/UNIT 32002 Liquid, Concentrate 1 gal. 4/CS A. C. D. F. H. B. G. E.

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