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David A. Cohen Robert N. Cohen Howard M. Cohen Letter from Howard November 2016 To Our Customers, Partners, & Daycon Associates- As we celebrate our 75th anniversary in the coming year, we reflect on the principals and values that have helped to sustain us for so many decades. We are constantly looking to build on the bedrock laid when my grandfather, David Cohen, founded the company in 1942. During the early years, he instilled within Daycon's DNA a dedication to customer service, beyond all expectations. In addition to his focus on the customer, he set the foundation for a path of innovation that has guided us through to this date. When my father, Bobby Cohen, took over the company, he led us through to the next generation by expounding on these core principals and adding a strong dose of creativity, a commitment to building a world class team, and a remarkable passion for our industry. As I now hope to carry on that legacy, we've honed our core values to include strong accountability. When a Daycon associate makes a commitment to a valued client or a fellow associate, it can be counted on to be done. We value respect. Respect for our fellow associates, our clients and our community. We are committed to growth- for our business and for yours. As I reflect on this remarkable journey, I think of the blessings that have been bestowed upon this company. We have had a core group of dedicated clients as well as remarkable people who've chosen to dedicate their life's work to carrying on the Daycon legacy for the decades to come. I am profoundly thankful for those people who've entrusted us with their business and, in many cases, their livelihood. We do not take that commitment lightly and are very thankful for the opportunity. Passion, Growth, Innovation, Creativity, Accountability and Respect are the Daycon core values that drive our organization today and into the future. You can count on Daycon to live up to these values and deliver on our promise of exceptional service, day in and day out. You can count on us to bring innovative ideas to help you in your day-to-day business and, most of all, you can count on our commitment to do what we say we will do. We are uniquely passionate, some may even say fanatical, about our industry and love what we do. Thank you for entrusting your business with Daycon. Howard Cohen CEO

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