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Paper Dinnerware B A. COMPOSTABLE PLATES Clay coated paper plates. CGC20125 #1, Cedar Grove 66370082 CGC20126 #2, Cedar Grove 66370083 DOPACO 1000/cs. 1000/cs. B. SUGARCANE DINNERWARE ECO-PRODUCTS Sugarcane is a rapidly renewing resource that takes only 18 months to grow and harvest. Grease and cut resistant, plus microwave and freezer safe. Sturdy so there is no need to double up. Bowls EPBL12PK 12 oz. 20/50/cs. C6670162 EPBL12 12 oz. 1000/cs. C6670073 Plates EPP016 6'' 1000/cs. C6670031 EPP013 9'' 500/cs. C6670035 EPP005 10'' 500/cs. C6670074 BOWLS, PLATES & PLATTERS C C. HARVEST™ FIBER PLATE GENPAK Harvest™ Fiber products are all natural and made from annually renewable resources. Each item is BPI certified compostable and will compost in many backyard systems. GMO-free. Superior quality. Microwaveable. HF809 83/4'' 500/cs. 34789248 D E FS 160 D. DIXIE® ULTRA® HEAVYWEIGHT DINNERWARE GEORGIA-PACIFIC The Soak Proof Shield® and multilayer design are cut resistant and help keep grease from seeping through to the table or tray. Environmentally friendly - can be processed in commercial composting operations where commercial composting is available. Compact, low stacking shape. Microwaveable. Bowls SXB12WS 12 oz., Pathways™, Wise Size® 500/cs. 15005927 SX12PATH 12 oz., Pathways™ 1000/cs. 15005926 Plates SX6PATH 57/8'', Pathways™ 1000/cs. 15005936 SXP9PATH 81/2'', Pathways™ 500/cs. 15005925 SXP10PATH 101/4'', Pathways™ 500/cs. 15005937 E. DIXIE® ULTRALUX™ PAPER PLATES GEORGIA-PACIFIC Everyday plate with multilayer design and Soak-Proof Shield® that offers strength and rigidity for all kinds of foods. Impress guests and showcase food in an aesthetically-pleasing fashion. Pathways™ UX6WS 57/8'', Wise Size® 500/cs. 15005935 UX6PATH 57/8'' 1000/cs. 15005934 UX7WS 67/8'', Wise Size® 500/cs. 15005939 UX7PATH 67/8'' 1000/cs. 15005938 UX9WS 81/2'', Wise Size® 500/cs. 15005932 UX9PATH 81/2'' 1000/cs. 15005933 UX9PATHPB 9'' 600/cs. 15005928 White™ UX9W 9'' 1000/cs. 15000591

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