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2 CU0415MA-1 ESSENTIAL ICE™ UNDERCOUNTER ICE MACHINES • Slide back door allows easy access to ice in the bin • Intuitive control panel allows for quick & easy operation • Ice scoop & power cord included Item # Description Price/ea CUBE CU0415MA-1 15''W, Up to 58 lb./24 Hours, 36 lb. Storage $2,020.00 CU0715MA-1 15''W, Up to 80 lb./24 Hours, 36 lb. Storage $2,220.00 CU0920MA-1 20''W, Up to 100 lb./24 Hours, 57 lb. Storage $2,370.00 FLAKE UF424A-1 24''W, Up to 440 lb./24 Hours, 80 lb. Storage $4,860.00 NUGGET UN324A-1 24''W, Up to 340 lb./24 Hours, 80 lb. Storage $4,960.00 UNDERCOUNTER ICE MACHINES/ W STORAGE • Front breathing with no side clearance required for tightest locations • Ergonomic slide back door allows easy access to ice in the bin • Power cord, NEMA 5-15P plug, ice scoop & adjustable legs are included for quick & easy installation • Heavy duty, rust-free front panel & corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy side panels for maximum lifespan • Non-ozone depleting R-134A refrigerant Item # Description Price/ea CUBE - 80 lb. Storage UC2024MA-1 Medium Cube (MA) or spec Small Cube (SA) Air, Up to 227 lb. Per Day $2,480.00 UC2724MA-1 Medium Cube (MA) or spec Small Cube (SA) Air, Up to 282 lb. Per Day $2,820.00 FLAKE - 36 lb. Storage - 115/60/1 UF0915A-1 Air, Up to 96 lb. Per Day, 15''W $3,210.00 UF1415A-1 Air, Up to 142 lb. Per Day, 15''W $3,600.00 UF2020A-1 Air, Up to 216 lb. Per Day, 57 lb. Strg. 20''W $4,030.00 NUGGET - 36 lb. Storage - 115/60/1 UN0815A-1 Air, Up to 79 lb. Per Day, 15''W $3,250.00 UN1215A-1 Air, Up to 119 lb. Per Day, 15''W, $3,630.00 UN1520A-1 Air, Up to 167 lb. Per Day, 57 lb. Strg. 20''W $4,070.00 MERIDIAN™ ICE & WATER DISPENSERS • Touch-free infrared sensor dispensing option for sanitary operation • User controlled antimicrobial push-button dispensing option, providing quick & effi cient operation • AgION & other antimicrobial compounds are molded into components to help inhibit growth of microbes, bacteria, mold & algae • Fully removable bin, spouts, air fi lter, sink, & grill allow for easy cleaning & maintenance • Produces chewable H2 nugget ice which is slow-melting & designed for reliable dispensing • Industry's smallest operational footprint relative to capacity, featuring specially designed contoured sides for enhanced breathability • SmoothStream™ water dispensing technology reduces splashing to keep the machine & surrounding areas clean • Intuitive LED diagnostic lights reduce service time & convenient USB drive allows for fast software updates • Industry-leading energy & water effi ciency along with quieter operation Item # Description Price/ea HID312A-1 Makes 260 lb. Per Day, 12 lb. Storage, Touch-Free Sensor, Spec Push Button(AB) $5,110.00 HID525A-1 Makes 500 lb. Per Day, 25 lb. Storage Touch-Free Sensor, Spec Push Button(AB) $7,480.00 HID540A-1 Makes 500 lb. Per Day, 40 lb. Storage, Touch-Free Sensor, Spec Push Button(AB) $8,160.00 HST16-A Dispenser Stand For HID312 $799.00 HST21-A Dispenser Stand For HID525 & HID540 $826.00 HST16-A HID312A-1 PRODIGY ELITE ® CUBER ICE MACHINES • ICELINQ ® app simplifi es interaction with machine via Bluetooth ® provides real-time diagnostics, access to settings and guided cleanings. • The app also contains specifi c information for convenient maintenance • Intelligent sensor technology maximizes effi ciency and lowers costs • Removable, External Air Filters. • WaterSense Adaptive Purge - Optimizes water consmption, keeping the machine cleaner and operating more effi ciently • The AutoAlert TM panel displays relevant machine status that is visible across the room. Now featuring an external bin full indicator light and easier to read 16-segment display • Upgraded sensors - Ice thickness and water sensor design enhances cleanability CUBE - Medium or Small Item # Description Price/ea MC0322MA-1 Medium(MA) or Spec Small(SA) $3,400.00 MC0330MA-1 Medium(MA) or Spec Small(SA) $3,180.00 MC0522MA-1 Medium(MA) or Spec Small(SA) $3,570.00 MC0530MA-1 Medium(MA) or Spec Small(SA) $3,530.00 MC0630MA-32 Medium(MA) or Spec Small(SA) $4,350.00 MC0722SA-32 Medium(MA) or Spec Small(SA) $4,260.00 MC0830MA-32 Medium(MA) or Spec Small(SA) $5,460.00 MC1030MA-32 Medium(MA) or Spec Small(SA) $6,350.00 MC1448MA-32 Medium(MA) or Spec Small(SA) $7,290.00 NEW! Due to the volatility of the current market, all efforts will be made to provide product at the advertised prices but some pricing is subject to change. 2

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