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56 Kitchen Dexter Basics ® cutlery • Stain-free, high carbon steel blades • Durable, slip resistant polypropylene handles • NSF Certified P94843 Tapered Point Parer, 3 1 /8'', White Handle 12/cs. P94818 Flex Narrow Boning Knife, 6'', White Handle 6/cs. P94821 Stiff Narrow Boning Knife, 6'', White Handle 6/cs. P94819 Wide Boning Knife, 6'', White Handle 6/cs. P94801 Cook's Knife, 8'', White Handle 6/cs. P94802 Cook's Knife, 10'', White Handle 6/cs. P94831 Cook's Knife Wide, 10'', White Handle 6/cs. P94826 Cimeter Steak Knife, 10'', White Handle 6/cs. P94805 Scalloped Slicer, 12'', White Handle 6/cs. P94807 Offset Sandwich Knife, 8'', White Handle 6/cs. P94803 Scalloped Bread Knife, 8'', White Handle 6/cs. sani-safe ® cutlery • Proprietary DEXSTEEL ™ stain-free, high carbon steel with ultimate edges, hand ground and honed • Texture, slip resistant, high-impact polypropylene handles • Impervious seal of blade and handle - handles will withstand high and low temperatures • Made in USA S107PCP Clip Point Parer, 3 1 /4'' 12/cs. S104PCP Cook's Style Parer, 3 1 /4'' 12/cs. S156SC-PCP Scalloped Utility Knife, 6'' 6/cs. S158SC-PCP Scalloped Utility Knife, 8'' 6/cs. S142-9SC-PCP Scalloped Utility Slicer, 9'' 6/cs. S136N-PCP Boning Knife, 6'' 6/cs. 01563C Boning Knife, 6'', Blue Handle 6/cs. 01563G Boning Knife, 6'', Green Handle 6/cs. 01563P Boning Knife, 6'', Purple Handle 6/cs. 01563R Boning Knife, 6'', Red Handle 6/cs. 01563Y Boning Knife, 6'', Yellow Handle 6/cs. S145-8PCP Cook's Knife, 8'' 6/cs. 12443C Cook's Knife, 8'', Blue Handle 6/cs. 12443G Cook's Knife, 8'', Green Handle 6/cs. 12443P Cook's Knife, 8'', Purple Handle 6/cs. 12443R Cook's Knife, 8'', Red Handle 6/cs. 12443Y Cook's Knife, 8'', Yellow Handle 6/cs. S145-10PCP Cook's Knife, 10'' 6/cs. 12433C Cook's Knife, 10'', Blue Handle 6/cs. 12433G Cook's Knife, 10'', Green Handle 6/cs. 12433P Cook's Knife, 10'', Purple Handle 6/cs. 12433R Cook's Knife, 10'', Red Handle 6/cs. 12433Y Cook's Knife, 10'', Yellow Handle 6/cs. S145-10SC-PCP Scalloped Cook's Knife, 10'' 6/cs. S112-10PCP Butcher Knife, 10'' 6/cs. S132-10PCP Cimeter Steak Knife, 10'' 6/cs. S140N-10GE-PCP Narrow Duo-Edge Slicer, 10'' 6/cs. S140-12SC-PCP Scalloped Roast Slicer, 12'' 6/cs. S162-8SC-PCP Scalloped Bread Knife, 8'' 6/cs. S147-10SC-PCP Scalloped Bread Knife, 10'' 6/cs. S163-9SC-PCP Scalloped Offset Sandwich, 9'' 6/cs. S118-14DH Double Handle Cheese Knife, 14'' 2/cs. S186PCP Vegetable/Produce Knife, 6'' 6/cs. DDS-10PCP Diamond Sharpener, 10'' 6/cs. S205PCP Cook's Fork, 13'' 6/cs.

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