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freight transportation Charges: All Prices, except where noted, do not include freight and delivery. All truck shipments are freight collect. UPS charges must be added to your invoice. Claims: All merchandise should be checked against packing slip. Any damage or loss sustained in shipment should be reported to the carrier and noted on the freight bill. Price Changes: All Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Items on which there has been a major increase will not be shipped. We assume minor changes are understandable and ship ac- cordingly. returns: No returns will be accepted without prior authorization. Please call us first for your protection. note: Some items may be shipped special order. Prices good until 12/31/2019. Prices & specifications are subject to change. Some items may be special order. not responsible for typographical errors. RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLY Youngstown, OH 645 Market Street Youngstown, OH 44502 800-589-3218 Phone: 330-744-4375 Fax: 330-744-0108 C539-CDC-U C549-ASFS-U ML180XL ML300 MLC1 MLP1 MLH1 MigHtylite ™ inSulated food Pan CarrierS • Ultra light design using advanced polymer foam construction (EPP) which also provides effective thermal insulation • Built-in "gasketless" door seal and large 5 1 /2" x 8 1 /2" label holder/white board • Stackable units come with 8 convenient handles • 270° swing door for easy loading and storage Item # Description Price/ea. ML300 Up To 4 Full Size Pans, Red/Black $269.00 ML400 Up To 6 Full Size Pans, Red/Black $323.00 • Multi-purpose carrier with 63% more storage • Use as a top loader, cooler or server • Sized to fit pans, plates, cans, bottles and containers Item # Description Price/ea. ML180 22.07'' x 12.95'' x 8.5'', Red/Black $90.60 ML180XL 22.07'' x 12.95'' x 13.25'', Red/Black $115.20 C5 ™ SerieS Heated Holding & Proofing CaBinetS • Insulation Armour ™ technology retains heat, saves energy, and provides a cool-to-touch exterior • Durable polymer construction is impact and stain resistant • Provides fast heat-up and recovery through a thermostatically controlled, forced convection system • Built with high quality, Type 304 stainless steel • Thermostatically controlled, 200°F max. operating temp. • Available in Red, Blue or Gray (standard colors) Item # Description Price/ea. 3 SEriES C539-HDS-U Full Height, Heated Holding, Dutch Solid, Universal Wire $3,270.00 C539-CDC-U Full Height, Combination, Dutch Clear, Universal Wire $3,820.00 C543-ASFS-U Undercounter, 30''W x 33''D x 30 1 /2''H, 120V, 60 Hz, $3,180.00 Full Solid Doors, 5 Universal Slides Provided (10 max), Holds 5 18" x 26" Sheet Pans 4 SEriES C549-ASDS-U Full Height, Universal Slides, Dutch Solid Door, $4,370.00 30''W x 33''D x 69 1 /2''H, 120V, 11.7A, 60Hz, 1400W C549-ASFS-U Full Height, Universal Slides, Full Solid Door, $4,100.00 30''W x 33''D x 69 1 /2''H, 120V, 11.7A, 60Hz, 1400W MigHtylite ™ aCCeSSorieS Item # Description Price/ea. MLC1 Wire Caddy, 13" x 21" x 1", Silver, Included w/Every Carrier, $51.60 for Holding Hot and Cold Packs MLP1 Insulated Thermal Partition, 13" x 21" x 1 1 /2'', Black $60.00 MLH1 Heater Slides in a Front Loader or Drops in a Top Loader, $327.00 120V, 250W, NEMA 5-15P, 20 2 /3''W x 12 2 /5''D x 1 2 /3''H, Stainless Steel MLD1 Dolly w/Strap, 20 5 /8" x 29 3 /4" x 9 1 /2'', Gray, Plate Mounted $228.00 Casters, 2 Swivel and 2 Swivel w/Brakes MLD1 (In Use) PrePMate ™ PreP workStationS • Includes cutting board, knife holder, (2) magic rings, cutting board holder and pan holder • Capable of 5 work surface heights (35 1 /8'' to 39 1 /8'') • NEW QwikSet easy height adjustment • Stable: Four total lock casters - both wheel and hub lock • Wipe down and take apart without tools for sanitation • Construction: Based on Metro Super Erecta commercial grade shelving systems with 1'' shelf adjustability, 800 lb. shelf load capacity and unlimited configurations Item # Description Price/ea. MS1836-FGFG-PK2 18 x 36 Solid Galvanized Top Shelf, Solid $684.00 Galvanized Bottom Shelf, Chrome Posts MS1836-FSFS-PK2 18 x 36 Solid Stainless Steel Top Shelf, $657.00 Stainless Steel Bottom Shelf, Stainless Steel Posts MS1836-FSNK-PK2 18 x 36 Solid Stainless Steel Top Shelf, $782.00 Metroseal 3 Epoxy Wire Bottom Shelf, Stainless Steel Posts MS1836-FSPR-PK2 18 x 36 Solid Stainless Steel Top Shelf, SuperErecta $791.00 Pro Hybrid Mat Bottom Shelf, Metroseal 3 Epoxy Posts MS1836-PRPR-PK2 18 x 36 SuperErecta Pro Hybrid Mat Top Shelf, $682.00 SuperErecta Pro Hybrid Mat Bottom Shelf, Metroseal 3 Epoxy Posts MS1836-FGFG-PK2

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