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157 Health & Safety DiSpoSable GloveS RONCO CARE ™ Disposable Vinyl Gloves Ideal for beauty, food or general industrial applications and offer excellent strength, superior elasticity and ease of finger movement to reduce hand fatigue. RONCO CARE ™ vinyl gloves are light-weight and come packaged 200 gloves per dispenser, reducing waste and saving on transport. 3 MIL. Item # Mfg. # Description Case Pack 327079 295XS X-Small, blue 10X200 124940 230XS X-Small, Clear, exam Grade 10X200 327081 295S Small, blue 10X200 124941 230S Small, Clear, exam Grade 10X200 327082 295M Medium, blue 10X200 124942 230M Medium, Clear, exam Grade 10X200 327083 295L large, blue 10X200 124943 230L large, Clear, exam Grade 10X200 327084 295XL X-large, blue 10X200 124944 230XL X-large, Clear, exam Grade 10X200 RONCO V2 Disposable Vinyl Gloves A cost-effective general purpose glove for use in food processing, beauty or industrial applications that require a good impermeable barrier. Ambidextrous for easy donning. Powder-free. 4 MIL. Item # Mfg. # Description Case Pack 123980 223CF Small, Clear 10X100 123981 233CF Medium, Clear 10X100 123982 243CF large, Clear 10X100 123984 253CF X-large, Clear 10X100 PURE TOUCH ® Synthetic Stretch Examination Gloves These gloves offer excellent tensile strength and good touch sensitivity for applications that require a firm grip. Made from a vinyl-based polymer, this examination-grade glove stretches more than conventional vinyl and is ideal for laboratory work, inspection jobs, food processing and handling or general maintenance jobs. Beaded cuffs. Compliant for contact with food. Latex-free to reduce risks of allergic reactions. Ambidextrous for easy donning. 5 MIL. Lightly Powdered Item # Mfg. # Description Case Pack 323296 229 Small, White 10X100 323297 239 Medium, White 10X100 323298 249 large, White 10X100 223485 259 X-large, White 10X100 Powder-Free Item # Mfg. # Description Case Pack 323589 225 Small, White 10X100 323590 235 Medium, White 10X100 323591 245 large, White 10X100 123291 255 X-large, White 10X100 Disposable Gloves RONCO POLY Polyethylene Disposable Gloves Perfect for applications that call for frequent glove changes. Ambidextrous for easy donning. Compliant for contact with food. Extra thin for touch sensitivity. Latex-free. Flexible for ease of movement. Item # Mfg. # Description Case Pack 327177 141 Small, Clear 20X500 327178 142 Medium, Clear 20X500 327179 143 large, Clear 20X500 123805 144 X-large, Clear 20X500 RONCO CARE ™ Disposable Nitrile Examination Gloves Powder-free nitrile examination gloves have excellent tensile strength, are resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and are great for users who might experience skin sensitivity or allergic reactions. The textured fingertips make them ideal for jobs that require an extremely flexible glove and a bare hand feel. 3 MIL. Item # Mfg. # Description Case Pack 124945 935XS X-Small, violet 10X200 223007 932S Small, black 10X200 124946 935S Small, violet 10X200 223009 932M Medium, black 10X200 124947 935M Medium, violet 10X200 223010 932L large, black 10X200 124948 935L large, violet 10X200 223011 932XL X-large, black 10X200 124949 935XL X-large, violet 10X200 327077 935XXL 2X-large, violet 10X180

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