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177 Tape TAPE A. 371 SCOTCH ® BOX SEALING TAPE A value performance box sealing tape with a strong backing and an aggressive adhesive that provides a secure and durable closure. Resists abrasion, moisture, chemicals and scuffing. Offers a high edge tear and split resistance. Can be custom printed to provide security and/or branding. • Adhesion: 45 oz./in. • Elongation: 160% • 1.9 MIL BOXTCS3T902371 2'' x 110 yd. Clear 36 cs. B. 369 TARTAN™ BOX SEALING TAPE 1.6 MIL, clear polypropylene film with pressure-sensitive hot melt synthetic rubber resin adhesive. General purpose tape for applications where box weight does not put severe stress on the tape. Good holding power to fiberboard. Complies with environmental considerations of ASTM D1974. BOXTCS3T902369 2'' x 110 yd. Clear 36 cs. C. GUM TAPE 1'' x 500', regular, white. ADH500110 1'' x 500' White 30 cs. ADH501230 1'' x 500' Red Print "Not for Sale" 30 cs. D. 600 SCOTCH ® PREMIUM TRANSPARENT FILM TAPE Highly transparent and long aging without yellowing. Excellent for various inner-pack garment applications. Removes cleanly from fabric without leaving residue. Dispenses easily and adheres to a wide variety of surfaces. Non staining, stable transparent tape under sunlight and UV conditions for use on fabrics and other surfaces. For use in gift wrapping, holding, combining, attaching, light duty carton sealing and in-store use. MMM06821 1/2'' x 72 yd. Boxed 72 cs. MMM06943 3/4'' x 72 yd. Boxed 24 cs. E. 200 TARTAN™ MASKING TAPE A utility purpose paper tape for holding, bundling, sealing, non-critical masking and a vast number of other jobs where pressure sensitive tape is needed. Should not be subjected to outdoor or UV exposure. Typically used at room temperature but will function up to 200°F. • Tensile: 20 lb./in. MMM53464 3/4'' x 60 yd. 4.4 MIL 48 cs. MMM53466 2'' x 60 yd. 4.4 MIL 24 cs. F. UNIVERSAL ® BOX SEALING TAPE DISPENSER Ideal for one-hand dispensing of 2'' wide, 3'' core, box sealing tapes up to 110 yards long. Adjustable tension brake. Metal and plastic construction. LAGUVS88000 2''W, 3'' Core 1 ea. (800) 727-2737 • PACKAGING SUPPLIES C B A D E F

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